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Eco-Friendly Palm Leaf Product is a specialized hand work in producing various kinds of Palm Leaf&nb..
Rs 1,195.00 Ex Tax: Rs 1,195.00
Eco-Friendly Palm Leaf Product is a specialized hand work in producing various kinds of Palm Leaf&nb..
Rs 525.00 Ex Tax: Rs 525.00
These baskets are made of plastic wire from the interiors of southern India. They are plastic tapes ..
Rs 2,395.00 Ex Tax: Rs 2,395.00
Made of sabai grass,The finely woven ropes of sabai are then turned into baskets with craved wo..
Rs 750.00 Ex Tax: Rs 750.00
The fine blend of sabai grass and carved wood with a crafting technique gives such a beautiful ..
Rs 750.00 Ex Tax: Rs 750.00
The most comfortable and stylish bag made from banana fibre especially designed for beaches..Pr..
Rs 1,295.00 Ex Tax: Rs 1,295.00
This beautiful box is made with a technique of entwining sabai grass with fresh jute threads&nb..
Rs 695.00 Ex Tax: Rs 695.00
This basket comprises of bamboo and cloth, woven together by fine crafting technique. The baske..
Rs 1,095.00 Ex Tax: Rs 1,095.00
Kauna is the local name for a reed or rush which is cultivated in the wetlands. It has a cylindrical..
Rs 1,195.00 Ex Tax: Rs 1,195.00
This is a natural colour bag made of sabai grass,hand woven intricately into ropes and given its fin..
Rs 950.00 Ex Tax: Rs 950.00
Used in homes and gifts for all occasions. Made of Sabai Grass, is hand woven intricately into ..
Rs 575.00 Ex Tax: Rs 575.00
The fine entwining technique has been employed in making this box. Sabai grass and date palm leav..
Rs 325.00 Ex Tax: Rs 325.00
This purse designed by rista handicrafts is a semicircular moon shaped and easily carriable.Coi..
Rs 425.00 Ex Tax: Rs 425.00
Chettinad styled dry fruit basket made of bamboo. The small craft work in the top enhances t..
Rs 795.00 Ex Tax: Rs 795.00
Box made of palm leaf is very intricately woven . Abeautiful handcrafted flower has been attached on..
Rs 595.00 Ex Tax: Rs 595.00
Made of Cane . Needs to be hung on the wall and artificial flowers can be put inside. Very asethetic..
Rs 350.00 Ex Tax: Rs 350.00
This beautiful multi coloured basket is made of finely woven bamboo. The great combination of c..
Rs 650.00 Ex Tax: Rs 650.00
The golden light weight guinnea box looks very apt for storing coins and prasadams. Its cute smal..
Rs 85.00 Ex Tax: Rs 85.00
The basket comprises of sabai ropes and carved rosewood at the bottom, crafted together. The co..
Rs 1,450.00 Ex Tax: Rs 1,450.00
Jaali bag is a multi purpose bag which is stylishly woven in square.The colours, softness and lightn..
Rs 995.00 Ex Tax: Rs 995.00