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Square box made of wrought iron woven with natural coir rope . Too sturdy and can be used for books ..
Rs 1,350.00 Ex Tax: Rs 1,350.00
Made of cane with 3 partitions where you can put napkin, cutlery etc. Can also be used in the cars f..
Rs 1,995.00 Ex Tax: Rs 1,995.00
This simple yet elegant decorative piece. Made of golden grass. The stem is golden, h..
Rs 125.00 Ex Tax: Rs 125.00
Handsome golden grass hat for the perfect man.Protects from uv rays and keeps one very cool ..
Rs 450.00 Ex Tax: Rs 450.00
Made of kauna grass which is aquatic grass. Kauna grass is soft and thick giving a cushioning qualit..
Rs 675.00 Ex Tax: Rs 675.00
Golden grass napkin stand. Floral designed.The stem is golden, hence the name golden grass. They are..
Rs 495.00 Ex Tax: Rs 495.00
This simple yet elegant decorative piece, made of Sabai Grass, is hand woven intricately into r..
Rs 250.00 Ex Tax: Rs 250.00
This beautiful pen stand, light and made to last, is hand woven by using sabai grass and stitched us..
Rs 295.00 Ex Tax: Rs 295.00
Square stool made of seasoned cedar wood. the silver rope is exquisitely woven and looks super. Comf..
Rs 4,295.00 Ex Tax: Rs 4,295.00
Stool for comfortable sitting. Made out of natural coir and silver rope woven together in a stylish ..
Rs 1,895.00 Ex Tax: Rs 1,895.00
Stool made of natural coir and silver woven together. Can be used for sitting for kids or can be use..
Rs 1,350.00 Ex Tax: Rs 1,350.00
Made of golden grass, exclusively designed with a cloth border running around.The stem is golden, he..
Rs 995.00 Ex Tax: Rs 995.00
Made of sabai grass with a handle. The water remains cool. Sabai Grass, is hand woven intricate..
Rs 595.00 Ex Tax: Rs 595.00
Beautifully carved wood entwined with sabai rop used for decorating walls. Adds aesthethic beauty an..
Rs 695.00 Ex Tax: Rs 695.00
Made of sabai grass, is hand woven intricately into ropes and given its final shape by the rura..
Rs 1,095.00 Ex Tax: Rs 1,095.00